About Us

HealthMegaMall has been in business since 2001 and is a member of an international group of companies.

Visitors to HealthMegaMall.com can find medical information on a variety of diseases and health conditions or purchase some of the finest healthcare products online at discounted prices. HealthMegaMall is a modern distribution house that provides B2B and B2C sales throughout the continental US and Canada. We currently sell 200,000+ health and medical products, medical technology devices and other wellness related goods. We represent over three hundred N American manufacturers and major corporations and participate in bid opportunities across the USA and Canada.

Our Products

HealthMegaMall.com currently sells some 200,000 health and home care including medical and hospital equipment, supplies, Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), nutraceuticals, skin care products, splinting supplies and equipment, treatment furniture for clinics, modalities such as Hydrotherapy, fluid-therapy, electrotherapy equipment, exercise equipment, orthopaedics supplies and equipment, clinical evaluation products, rehab supplies, wheelchairs and mobility equipment, dining bath & toileting aids, daily living aid products and home care medical equipment.

Why Buy From Us?

Firstly, we try to sell only the finest products available in the market. Secondly very few companies can match our level of service and prices. With our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, our Lowest Price Guarantee, and our Big 8 Guarantee, you enjoy peace of mind.

Our Customers

Our market includes dozens of US and Canada Government agencies, NATO, major Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Services, renowned Hospitals, School Boards & universities, Police and Military, Acute Care Centers & Nursing Homes and the largest Pharmaceutical companies. We are contract holders with the Department of Defense and supply the US Federal Government and the Government of Canada. We are an approved Vendor to some of the best respected names in the medical field & academic market. Our long list of satisfied customers include: Harvard University, Bellissima Spa, Four Seasons Resort Aviara Spa in San Diego, University Of Chicago, University Of California At Santa Barbara, Stanford University, University Of Louisville, University Of Kansas , Skagit Valley College, The University Of Texas, Mercer University, University Of Rhode Island, University Of Georgia, University Of Pittsburgh, University Of Virginia, Miami University, University Of Wisconsin, University Of Missouri, Case Western Reserve University, Brigham Young University, Loyola University Chicago, New York School Board, Los Angeles Community College, Stonybrook University Medical Center, Yanbian University Of Science And Technology, Augusta University Health Services, Oregon State University , Phoenix School Of Law, University Of Minnesota, West Virginia University, University Of Iowa, Portage College, Cegep Vanier College, Wesleyan College, Clark College, South Florida Community College, Indian River Community College, Ford Boulevard School, Maine School Union, Huntsville City Schools, Spotsylvania County Schools, Minot Public School District #1, Cupertino Union School District, Latin School Of Chicago, Shore Regional High School, Patterson Unified School District, Oxnard Unified High School, Vail Mountain School, Solana Beach School District, VI Montessori School, Covenant Christian School, The Galloway School, Grant Community High School, Elvel School, North Shore School District 112, Griffith Adult School, Mogadore Local Schools and Nebraska Christian High School.

HealthMegaMall.com is able to continue serving mankind due to the grace of God. "From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another."